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Welcome to DSP Workshops, a leader in the delivery of hands-on, instructor-led technical product workshops.The focus of our workshops is digital signal processing (DSP) embedded system design. We have hand-crafted workshops that provide in-depth practical knowledge of DSP chips from leading DSP IC manufacturers. Most courses use hardware development tools and target boards.

We also offer workshops that cover DSP theoretical fundamentals, C programming for DSP embedded systems and graphical user interface development. Classes are taught by skilled, knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Explore our site to acquaint yourself with our workshop offerings and other services.

DSP Workshops was founded to provide an alternative to the traditionally slow "learn by trial-and-error" approach to acquiring the skills needed to successfully develop DSP-based products. Quickly understanding a processor's architecture, instruction set, development tools and shortcuts, is a critical component of the DSP product development process. To know more about DSP Workshops click here.

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