Need to put DSP functions into Xilinx or Altera FPGA's ?

We can do it for you !!

LINKS - Development tools and evaluation boards for the Texas Instruments TMS320 Family of DSP chips. - The home of uC/OS. A powerful, mature realtime kernel that has been ported to just about every microcontroller and DSP chip, including the TMS320 DSP family. - A great portal site for information related to embedded design. They cover a myriad of useful topics such as busses, boards, networking, chips, communications, etc. This site has a great search engine. - One of the major players in the VLSI chip arena. The Texas Instruments TMS320 family was one of the first VLSI product families to hit the market. - Analog Devices provides the 21xx, 21xxx, family of DSP chips. The algebraic instruction set appeals to many design engineers.

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